Die Klasse der ungerührten Flussfelsen bringt uns die Kieselsequenz

Die Klasse der ungerührten Flussfelsen bringt uns die Kieselsequenz


Imaginative and mischievous, swish and classy. The Pebble assortment of luminaires, designed by Lukas Peet for ANDlight, embodies so worthy. Impressed by simple but sculptural stones, the items look like always evolving when seen from assorted angles.

“The inspiration for the assortment was once the inherent improbable factor about river rocks—apparently simple, the precise complexity of their put is the results of lots of of years of sculpting by nature. Glassblowing was once a intriguing path of to make the most of for this thought, as a result of it permits for manipulation of the subject matter. I desired to allow these primordial shapes to glow – along side to their profoundness and giving them a soul,” stated clothier Lukas Peet.

The translucency of the blown glass is set off with a specifically engineered LED board taking into story the combo of 1 large and one tiny put with fixed luminosity, rising a gratifying seen steadiness. The Pebble assortment is supplied in a double glass put pendant and a single glass sconce in 4 increase out ideas – opaque, translucent, shimmering, or etched.

Images by ANDlight.

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