Nuclear Fallout enthüllt unwahren “antiken” Whisky

Nuclear Fallout enthüllt unwahren “antiken” Whisky



Nuclear Fallout Exposes Unfaithful ‘Vintage’ Whisky(

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Lasrick quotes theBulletin of the Atomic Scientists:Scientists with solely the pursuit of fact in concepts web confirmed — via meticulous radio-carbon relationship and no tasting in any respect — that half the bottles of pricy previous Scotch whisky they examined weren’t as veteran and treasured as purported.

Researchers from the Radiocarbon Lab on the Scottish Universities Environmental Analysis Centre in Glasgow, Scotland frail the quantities of radioactive carbon-14 in diversified Scotches that they fully did no longer pattern to acquire out whether or not or no longer the whiskies had been made sooner than or after extensive-scale above-ground trying out of nuclear gadgets started within the 1950s and 1960s.

LiveScience explains:Nuclear bombs that had been detonated many years in the past spewed the radioactive isotope carbon-14 into the surroundings; from there, the isotope turned as soon as absorbed by vegetation and different residing organisms, and began to decay after the organisms died. Traces of this additional carbon-14 can subsequently be present cloak in barley that turned as soon as harvested and distilled to construct whisky.

Carbon-14 decays at a recognized charge; by calculating the quantity of the isotope in a given whisky batch, scientists can then resolve if a bottle’s contents had been produced after the start of the nuclear age — and if that age suits the date written on the bottle’s tag.

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